Sunday, March 18, 2012

In The Fun Times

My sisters and I are the best of friends~ of course, we have our disagreements, and we're all different from each other, but boy we sure have fun together! Among our favorite things to do, we like to have long talks when it gets late at night. Solving problems, making up funny stories or reading them, sharing memories. It's fun to share your heart with sisters, even when they think you're crazy. I think they like me a lot though, because somehow I always end up being the one that's teased~ about everything. Becca seems to be especially creative when making up a story about me. But it's all good, and for the most part I think it's quite funny. :D

The other night we sat around and took a bunch of pictures with the skype camera on my computer...yeah, that was fun!

I enjoyed editing them too...I always like editing photos!

Jess and me...

We share a bedroom~ the three of us, and it's not all that big, so we think up things to entertain ourselves with....

Wonky, no? We had a real hoot with this one! *cheesy grin*

Retro anyone? (yes, this is how we really are!) :)

Um, trying to get a nice picture.... *winks*

But really, we love each other, and we'll always have these fun memories. I'm so thankful to God for my fun-to-be-around sisters, and enjoy them very much! We sing together, roughhouse, play music together, laugh, joke, and enjoy board games. Not to mention volley ball. We just had our first game yesterday, and it was so refreshing to get out of the house for some real activity. :D

What are some adorkable things you love to do with your sisters/brothers?


Molly said...

Love this! I am also really close to my sisters. Have a great day!


Kim said...

Looooove the bookshelf by your bed!!! You're all absolutely lovely!

jennifer blair said...

You guys are so cute! Sisters are the best!

Leah Nicolette said...

Sisters are such a blessing! I've got 3!