About This Girl

Hi there! I'm Danielle~

I've created this blog as sort of an online journal to express my thoughts, aspirations, and life. But mostly, I want it to reflect my heart and love for God and my family~ I hope that as you read here you'll be encouraged and edified. :)

Those who know me tell me that I am always laughing and smiling, have a good sense of humor, and love life. Purity is of utmost importance to me, while I wait for God's time when he brings me my man~ hoping it will be sooner, rather than later, though I'm quite content to wait. :)  Some of my favorite hobbies and pastimes are calligraphy, painting, photography, playing with my little siblings, sewing, playing my violin, and working on movie sets. But those are just a few~ My life is full to the brim of many good things! I'm always coming up with new creative ideas that are bright and beautiful. Friendships, handwritten letters, coffee, and teaching/spending time with my 'littles', as I call them, are all things I enjoy immensely. :) I am always wondering what kind of place this world would be without wildflowers, indian paintbrush, or sweeping landscapes. Much less beautiful, I'm sure! Of all the gorgeous flowers that God has chosen to bless us with, sunflowers and roses are at the top of my list. :)

 Thanks so much for taking time to read here on my blog~ It's what makes having a blog 'sehr wunderbar'~ very wonderful. :)