Saturday, May 19, 2012

Awkward & Awesome {1}

(Yay! I'm finally doing one of these posts!)

-When you're not tall enough to shoot a photo over the tops of people's heads at your sister's piano recital~ and you have to, awkwardly, haul yourself into the wide window sill. And then the picture doesn't really turn out all that great, because of the low light. The black & white filter kind-of redeemed it.

-Seeing a man walking down the sidewalk with hair longer than I've seen on most women. Definitely awkward and gross.

-Going to Payless on the hunt for new shoes to replace my badly worn ones (while wearing them), and having the store employee hovering around while I try shoes on. Because I had to take off my badly worn ones.

-Bad hair days. Simply put.

-Finding yourself driving in the wrong lane on a two way road. And I'm like, "What am I doing?" It's an inside joke, but I call them, ahem, Lizzy moments. (to the rest of the world, blonde moments :D)

-The GORGEOUS weather we have been having and the smell of sweet lilacs perfuming the air. I am convinced that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And I know you would agree. :)

-Wearing, looking at, and adoring afore mentioned new shoes. Come girls, I know you're out there~ buying new pretty footwear for the summer is awesome!

-Finally finding my long lost fiddle book. Boy did I miss it! And all this time that I have been practicing other more classical pieces of music, I can play more of the fiddle tunes than ever, and it's just a blast because of how easy it is. It makes me happy. :)

-Realizing that I'm very much on my way to finishing reading through the Bible for the 8th time. It's been delightful, and I've been so blessed by this precious book!

-Being awarded my first blog award ever~ The Versatile Blogger Award. More on that coming up next!

-Seeing a Sundog, for. the. first. time. It was amazing! Have any of you seen a sundog?

Ring around the sun.

-Having such a lovely blog that I can write on any time~ a place that is done just how I like it, expressing a part of me. And to all of my follower friends, YOU GUYS are awesome! :)

~Dani Marie

P.S. I'm torn between. I love to change my blog around every once in a while, and I'm thinking of doing it again. BUT I'm so in love with the current theme that it will be hard to decide. What do ya'll think?