Sunday, August 26, 2012

T'will Be A Wonderful Adventure

Yes, I'm headed to Michigan! My dear sister and I are leaving via train in a week from Wednesday, on our way to MI to help out with costuming on a movie set. And I'm out of my mind excited!

But I'm sure you all will want to know how it came about. :) There's a film crew who first came out with this movie in 2008~ we followed them in their journey of making that film, and it became one of our favorites. When we heard that they were finally working on a new movie, we of course have been keeping tabs on it. It's called  "Beyond The Mask" set in the 1700's. They recently posted on the official blog about how they've been sewing and working on the costumes almost nonstop, and that they are in need of some volunteers to help out in that department. We contacted them to find out if they indeed would take us, and everything has just fallen into place. It's the opportunity of a lifetime, and it's crazy how fast everything is happening! We'll be there for 6-8 weeks, putting it mid October when we get back. And of course I'll keep everyone updated. They even have limited wi-fi on the train, so I'll be posting on facebook for sure, and maybe here too.

I can't wait for the train ride it's self~ it'll be very scenic and beautiful, through mountainous and forested tracks, with even a 2 hour layover at the grand Union Station in Chicago.

 You better believe that I'll be very shutter happy and come home with a bazillion pictures! And I will let you see them, yes. :)

It sounds like my main job will be embroidery. With all the period costumes, they have a lot of embroidery work to do by hand. And since that is one of my fortes, I'm happy to do that, with plenty of time on the train to warm up. :)

Can't wait to get there!

~Danielle Marie

P.s. When I was considering a title for this post, my sister Jess suggested I call it "Yo ho to the land of great mitten!" (MI is known as the 'Mitten State') We got a good laugh out of it, and I really did think of using it, but I decided not to. I'm hoping it lightens your day a bit lol. We sure thought it was funny!

Friday, August 24, 2012

An Arboretum Is a Beautiful Place

:: fresh breeze :: the water feels cool on my feet :: fun with friends :: what a beautiful place this is ::

The arboretum is about 5 min. from our house, and I love to just go there and relax by the creek. God has been so good! Some friends of ours were visiting, and all the girls decided to spend a day in that beautiful place~ and then we went to a playground not far away and swung away all our cares on the tall swings. It was a wonderful day!

~Dani Marie

btw, did everyone enjoy the civil war pictures? :D

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Of The Civil War

This post might be a bit long winded, but since it's what y'all have been waiting so patiently for, (thank you so much!) I'm including a LOT of pictures. But I didn't think you'd mind much. :D

So, without further ado....

*drum roll please*

The Yankee Flag. And just fyi, I happen to have very strong sympathies with the South. Just sayin....
P.S. Am I wrong in assuming that many of my readers feel the same? :)

 The beginning of the first battle, of which the Rebs turned out victorious. 

 Dead guy~ sorta. ;) Actually, I think he was taking a short nap.

After the first of the battles to be held that day, we went to walk through the camps, which has 
always been one of my favorite things to do. :D

Getting ready to cook lunch~ or in those days it would be called dinner.

 Got this one while we were walking along. Thought it was an exceptional shot. :)

After eating lunch ourselves, we went to watch the Cavalry demonstration.

Now this one is a personal favorite of mine! Reminds me of a western shot.

And on to the camps again. There is always so much to see and people to talk to,
that it seriously takes nearly all three days to do everything!

They never fail to make every aspect really interesting, and much of their equipment are actual reproductions. They also have a variety of original artifacts~ makes the whole thing feel pretty real!

Such neat old books~ doncha just love old books?

Camp dishes setup. 

Crossing the stream. I had wanted to get a picture of this awesome bridge, and as soon as I made up my mind to go get a shot, 2 little boys started playing on it, hence the shoes. :) Bless their hearts~ I was able to snap this quickly, and it really turned out great.

On the second day, I shot some real nice angles of the Cavalry during one of the battles.

And I very much like this next one:

 An uphill battle~

For the glorious cause of the South!!

Now one thing that I enjoy very much and hate when I miss it, is the Yankee fife and drums corps. The reenactment simply is not the same with out it. If you could but experience it once~  while cannons are discharging and guns are exploding, the deep pounding and rhythm of the drums accompanied by the sweet fife..... from where I was standing, (which was about 10-15 ft. from these guys) the ground was vibrating with it all. :D I loved it!
Perfect pose little drummer boy!

Marching off to their respective camps after the battle, the drum corps taking the lead.

Cannon reproduction. You wouldn't believe how much sound these things can make.

On my way to the 'U. S. Military Telegraph Wagon'. His setup was pretty neat.

Playin' the mandolin. :)

The telegraph equipment itself. (some of it) :)

A traveling lap desk with a New Testament, 'The 1865 Customs of Service', and 'Infantry Tactics'.

While my Dad and brother were interviewing some folks, I just went around looking for neat things to take pictures of. It really can be overwhelming for a photographer. You can't possibly capture everything, even if you try lol. I just wanted some memorable shots.

Someone's half-dunk cup of tae. I honestly didn't really like this photo at first, but after I played with it some, I decided that I do like it a lot. 

How cool is it to use oil lamps?!?

Look at this AH-mazing bonnet:

Yes, I purposely asked her if I could take a picture of it for y'all, so you could see how fantastical it was! Pretty though....

As soon as I saw these salt & pepper shakers, I knew I would have to purchase a set some day. How neat are these?! :D

And lastly, Jonny Reb on guard duty. :)

Awesome much??

~Danielle Marie

Friday, August 17, 2012

Properly Contrite.

Okay, I promised those posts, and it didn't happen. *so sorry* Go ahead and say it~ "Where have you been?!" And I feel pretty cliche saying this, but it's true~ I've just been busy with other things. I am so honored to know that though I haven't written for quite a long while, I've not lost one follower. Kudos to you! Because seriously, #I'vebeenawayforsolong! Thank you all for your patience. :)

Since I've been away, I have :: worked in the garden :: sewed two period dresses and a period jacket :: done tons of yard work :: played my violin :: made sugar scrubs :: read wonderful books :: researched :: spent two days partially tearing up and refinishing a roof :: made a little money :: took pictures :: laughed and talked :: let out a lot of excitement over the new little one we're expecting into our family yearly next year :: thought long and hard about what I'm going to do when I grow up :: wrote in my journal :: entertained some guests :: and spent many wonderful hours with my sisters. But it feels so good to do some blogging again!!! :)

Y'all, it's so nice to be back!