Sunday, August 26, 2012

T'will Be A Wonderful Adventure

Yes, I'm headed to Michigan! My dear sister and I are leaving via train in a week from Wednesday, on our way to MI to help out with costuming on a movie set. And I'm out of my mind excited!

But I'm sure you all will want to know how it came about. :) There's a film crew who first came out with this movie in 2008~ we followed them in their journey of making that film, and it became one of our favorites. When we heard that they were finally working on a new movie, we of course have been keeping tabs on it. It's called  "Beyond The Mask" set in the 1700's. They recently posted on the official blog about how they've been sewing and working on the costumes almost nonstop, and that they are in need of some volunteers to help out in that department. We contacted them to find out if they indeed would take us, and everything has just fallen into place. It's the opportunity of a lifetime, and it's crazy how fast everything is happening! We'll be there for 6-8 weeks, putting it mid October when we get back. And of course I'll keep everyone updated. They even have limited wi-fi on the train, so I'll be posting on facebook for sure, and maybe here too.

I can't wait for the train ride it's self~ it'll be very scenic and beautiful, through mountainous and forested tracks, with even a 2 hour layover at the grand Union Station in Chicago.

 You better believe that I'll be very shutter happy and come home with a bazillion pictures! And I will let you see them, yes. :)

It sounds like my main job will be embroidery. With all the period costumes, they have a lot of embroidery work to do by hand. And since that is one of my fortes, I'm happy to do that, with plenty of time on the train to warm up. :)

Can't wait to get there!

~Danielle Marie

P.s. When I was considering a title for this post, my sister Jess suggested I call it "Yo ho to the land of great mitten!" (MI is known as the 'Mitten State') We got a good laugh out of it, and I really did think of using it, but I decided not to. I'm hoping it lightens your day a bit lol. We sure thought it was funny!

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Molly Marie said...

This. Sounds. Amazing. This WOULD be the opporitunity of a lifetime! I am so happy for you! :D
The train ride there sounds absolutely amazing, and I might just want to join you ;)