Saturday, May 19, 2012

Awkward & Awesome {1}

(Yay! I'm finally doing one of these posts!)

-When you're not tall enough to shoot a photo over the tops of people's heads at your sister's piano recital~ and you have to, awkwardly, haul yourself into the wide window sill. And then the picture doesn't really turn out all that great, because of the low light. The black & white filter kind-of redeemed it.

-Seeing a man walking down the sidewalk with hair longer than I've seen on most women. Definitely awkward and gross.

-Going to Payless on the hunt for new shoes to replace my badly worn ones (while wearing them), and having the store employee hovering around while I try shoes on. Because I had to take off my badly worn ones.

-Bad hair days. Simply put.

-Finding yourself driving in the wrong lane on a two way road. And I'm like, "What am I doing?" It's an inside joke, but I call them, ahem, Lizzy moments. (to the rest of the world, blonde moments :D)

-The GORGEOUS weather we have been having and the smell of sweet lilacs perfuming the air. I am convinced that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And I know you would agree. :)

-Wearing, looking at, and adoring afore mentioned new shoes. Come girls, I know you're out there~ buying new pretty footwear for the summer is awesome!

-Finally finding my long lost fiddle book. Boy did I miss it! And all this time that I have been practicing other more classical pieces of music, I can play more of the fiddle tunes than ever, and it's just a blast because of how easy it is. It makes me happy. :)

-Realizing that I'm very much on my way to finishing reading through the Bible for the 8th time. It's been delightful, and I've been so blessed by this precious book!

-Being awarded my first blog award ever~ The Versatile Blogger Award. More on that coming up next!

-Seeing a Sundog, for. the. first. time. It was amazing! Have any of you seen a sundog?

Ring around the sun.

-Having such a lovely blog that I can write on any time~ a place that is done just how I like it, expressing a part of me. And to all of my follower friends, YOU GUYS are awesome! :)

~Dani Marie

P.S. I'm torn between. I love to change my blog around every once in a while, and I'm thinking of doing it again. BUT I'm so in love with the current theme that it will be hard to decide. What do ya'll think? 


Flame of Jah said...

I vote for a change to your blog if you like. I like it when folks change their blog themes from time to time.

Michaela said...

Aren't Awkward and Awesome Thursday's fun!? We have some longer-then-most-women haired men in my town too. *ahem* interesting. ;) And awkward.

Ok. . .so these shoes sound *awesome*. ;) Picture???

Rachel Heffington said...

Ahh! Shoes are my one weakness. ;) I found the most adorable pair of brown high-heel sandals I've ever seen and it is just as well they didn't have them in my size because (1) I didn't have the money, (2) the heels were a leeeetle mite too high for me anyway. ;D

~Gracie said...

I love how you have penny whistle music playing on your blog, you have good taste! =D

Aren't Sundogs AMAZING?!?! I saw one about 4-5 years ago, their gorgeous.

Thank you for your sweet post on my blog =) I've been missing you too!<3
I think I'm going to be using Lindsay as a model for me to practice on =)

Love ya!


Aidyl Ewoh said...

I like lilacs!

Sarah said...

Hello! I've awarded you on my blog. : )