Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Full Month Of Fun Moments

 Yes it's happened again~ after I promised myself that it wouldn't. Almost a whole month has gone by since I posted one word on here. I look at the blogs that I read and adore and think to myself, "how do they do it, keeping up with blogging AND life?" Maybe that's why my blog posts are so special. They don't happen very often, but when they do they're like a burst of sunshine and brightness....just kidding lol.  Anyhow, my unannounced blogging break was refreshing, and my time away has been full of fun moments and inspiration. The drafts folder is piling up! :)

Lessons learned: 

It's ridiculous to wait for life to happen. Get out and get something done, and life will happen just fine I guarantee you. :)

Everything can change in the blink of an eye!

Coming to the conclusion that it's pretty dim and hopeless out there is just the darkness before sunrise. And then you feel a bit ashamed because God really was there all along, listening to your prayers, you just weren't patient enough to wait on Him.

Awesome and Funny Moments:

Awesome: Attending the local civil war reenactment. What a heap of fun and exhaustion! Sneak peek:

(Of course I saved the best pictures for the actual blog post :))

Funny: Finding a dirty pair of socks in my laptop bag from a while ago...Yeah, my laptop bag. *wonders exactly what I was thinking*

Awesome and Funny: This little man!!!

He is the most talkative and social little person I know!

The hilarious face he makes when he smells flowers lol.

Awesome: The beautiful smell of summer and rain. <3

Quite awkward and *funny looking*: Poking my eye on my camera strap, (yes, I'm that talented) while being pretty shutter happy at the civil war event. I stumbled around like a dork for like 5 min. feeling somewhat embarrassed because it appeared to everyone else that I was crying. I give you my permission to laugh. ;)

Awesome: We're leaving next Friday for a weekend trip! Overjoyed, to say the least!

Awesome: Happy because I'm back to blogging again, and because I may have some exciting news to share with y'all soon!

Until then~ Dani Marie

P.S. For those ladies of you who expressed desire in wanting to see pics. of my new shoes, they're on their way. :)


Jordanna said...

I won't laugh, I'll just commiserate about the camera strap in the eye thing :)

What fun to go to a Civil War reenactment! I would sooo love to do that!! Eagerly awaiting pics.....

Flame of Jah said...

Glad you are back Danielle, I am looking forward to more posts...

God Bless,
Flame of Jah

~Gracie said...

ooooh, what's the exciting news?? I'm dying of the suspense girl!!! I've missed reading your blog, tell Becca hi for me! =)