Thursday, June 21, 2012

On the first day of summer... true love gave to me... just kidding. :) But I am enjoying the delish weather we're having today! If I could capture just a bit of this wonderfully balmy breeze and share it with you, (not only would I have the coolest blog around!) but it's summery-fragrance and warm gentle caresses are totally refreshing, after all the rain.

This blue, and this green ♥♥♥

 Lovely flowers. Their coloring reminds me of Fox Gloves for some reason... :)

Little green crawler...

Tree bark has so much texture!

How has your first day of summer been? Lovely, I hope! Off to get ready
for a wedding!

~Dani Marie


Flame of Jah said...

Hey, so today is the first day of summer? Wow, it has been summer for at least a month lol. Was nice and Hot today, and very dry. Got a lot done so it was a good day.

Who's wedding, if you don't mind me asking?

Have a very blessed evening,

God Bless you,
Flame of Jah

Dani Marie said...

Yup, first day of summer. I wish I could say that it's been summer for a month too, but alas...we've had rainy day after rainy day. *_*

One of our neighbors got married. :) Country/cowboy theme. Kinda neat, but I think I would've chosen something different lol. Good for them though! :D

Marie Danielle said...

Pretty photos Danielle! :-) I am so happy Summer is here.

Flame of Jah said...

Oh, please send us some of your rain we could soo use it. It is getting to be pretty dry here.

Dani Marie said...

Yes, please take it all~ you can have every last drop, at least for a few weeks lol! :D

Rachel Heffington said...

Beautiful beautiful! Isn't summer the best? (at least when it's not awfully hot. :P) Thanks for all the lovely pictures!

jennifer blair said...

Ah, the flowers are so pretty!