Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's Finally Feeling Spring-ish // April Photo Challenge

Cherry Blossoms!

This last week has been the most gorgeous weather you ever did see. Crisp, clear blue skies~ and a gentle breeze. We even saw some temperatures in the 80's, which I really enjoyed! Of course, with all the buds waking up and blooming, I'm pretty shutter happy! ;) All of us have been practically living outside, hence my slight absence from my blog. Cuz really, who needs a blog when the world is so beautiful? :)

Anyhow, with the weather we've been having, the lighting is absolutely delicious, especially golden hour! It's so nice to be able to shoot with such a low ISO, and then a high shutter speed as well, because of how much light there is. It makes such a wonderfully crisp photo! So I've swamped myself with tons of beautiful pictures~ which is why I took the leap and finally decided to have a photography blog...all my own! It is a private blog for now, as I don't feel I'm ready to share my photos with the world yet. (there's a few of them already on pinterest *winks*) But I would be honored to add my photography friends, or anyone who is interested to my readers list. ;) Just leave a comment, and I'll be sure to add you!

This is one of my favorite shots!

One question: how is everyone recovering from the absence of picnik? I'm beginning not to miss it~ picmonkey just seems so much better! I like it a whole lot more.... :)

Lucia's April Photo Challenge~

I missed last month's challenge (night photography), but I shall not miss this month's~ Sunlit Portraits. Beautiful topic no?

I can't really remember why I got my camera out, but I ended up taking some awesome pics. of Ezra and LeAnn, and while I was at it, I tried my hand at some sunlit portraits, in the hopes that I might get a really nice one. I have a few I can chose from, and I think I finally decided which I like best. So without further ado:

Can anyone say 'cutie'? :D

I *think* that one is my fave.

lucia, etc.

I love those eyes!

^^More of this photo shoot on my photography blog!^^

Random thought of the day: I have totally fallen in love with this violin piece, and will be hopefully playing it at my next recital. Sad and haunting, this. It's gorgeous!

sad romance by violin on Grooveshark

So have a lovely weekend peeps!

~Dani Marie


Flame of Jah said...

I am certainly interested in your Photo blog...

Have a great day


Gretchenhope777 said...

Will you add me to your photography blog?
I'd love to see the pictures you take.

The violin piece is lovely. At first I thought it sounded rather interesting, then I realized that Flame of Jah's music was playing over it, duh! Turned his off and then it sounded beautiful.

In Christ, Gretchen

Laura said...

Beautiful!!! All your Photos are absolutely stunning!!!
<3 Laura

Sarah said...

The photos of the children are so cute!
I would also love to see your photography blog.

Lizzy said...

I love those photos! They are so "springy" and fresh.
And that little girl is adorable!


jennifer blair said...

Ah, these photos are gorgeous!

Molly said...

Hey Dani! I awarded you an award for girls with great blogs. You can come check it out when you have time =D
Have a lovely day!


jennifer blair said...

These are so pretty! :)