Friday, March 2, 2012

On A Little Bit of Everything

  What an amazing, fast-paced 2 weeks it's been. That's all I can say. :)

  First off, we went through the house and did a total makeover~ painting, decorating, and taking care of the spring cleaning & all that jazz while we were at it. I did so enjoy working long hours with one of my very best friends (Mom!) making our home beautiful and clean. It's one of the things we can tackle together and have fun doing! Me and her, we make a good team.♥♥♥ Anyhow, we had some wonderful friends coming to visit from out of town, so we made that our deadline and set out to see how much we could accomplish before then. Everything came together so remarkably! Now, my bedroom is next... *triumphant look*
We ended up having such a nice visit with our friends~ we'll definitely have to do it again soon!!! :D

  So last night we went to a viewing of the documentary 'IndoctriNation'. Very educational and profound I might add (and VERY well done!). If you want to know more about the public school system and how it works, this is def. the thing for you! All you ever cared to know about the whole deal. And then you wonder, "why do we really homeschool? Just because our parents want us to be different, or...?" This will fuel your resolve to stay true to homeschooling!!! Posting the trailer...

IndoctriNation (Official Site)
  Believe me, you want to see this! :D We even got to meet Colin Gunn, (who produced the whole thing) and got a signed copy of the doc. Yup, we is special hehehe.

***Heh, now the fun part! ***
  A few weeks back, my beautiful blogger-friend Lauren released a wonderful ebook that she wrote called 'A Beginner's Guide To Portrait Photography'. She is currently having a giveaway on her blog, and as an extra entry in entering the giveaway, I am posting about it here on my blog. Ok, so I REALLY want this book! If Lauren wrote it, it's sure to be spectacular!! Which is precisely why I am entering another giveaway of the same book on this lovely photography blog~ posting about that giveaway as an extra entry also. I very much encourage you to join in the fun if you would like to learn more about how to capture beautiful portraits. I really enjoy Lauren's style too, so that's a bonus for me.  I'm pretty excited!! :D Go join these giveaways!

  So that's how these last crazy weeks have been. Photography classes, violin lessons, painting everything in sight, cleaning, playing and the usual stuff. It's been fun! *winks*

Next up: 'The Assignments of A Photography Class'

Have a beautiful afternoon lovelies!!
~ Danielle Marie


Flame of Jah said...

Hey, what a shame no comments on your latest post. Well, let me fix that, lol. Glad you are doing well Danielle. Tell everyone I said hi,

God Bless,

Flame of Jah

Eve said...

I've been wanting to see that! Have you seen Homeschool Dropouts? It's also really good!
By the way, how did you set your Grooveshark player to start playing automatically? I've practically tied everything!

eve @ essence of eve

Dani Marie said...

@ Eve~ No, I haven't seen that one. But I know that it's got to be good~ anything from Vision Forum is good! :D You'll really like IndoctriNation...Definitely worth the effort and time!
I'll send you a quick email about the player~ kinda hard to explain it in a comment lol.