Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Assignments Of A Photography Class

I had mounds of fun going to those photography workshops, and I learned so much! It all just... made perfect sense. So I thought it'd be fun to share with you the results of my assignments from the classes.

The first set of classes I took were focused on 'camera basics'~ where I learned the basics about my DSLR functions. But I felt that the teacher did an excellent job, and that he covered a whole ton more than I thought could be included in the word 'basics'. :D But it was a wonderful workshop, and I feel very greatful that I was able to participate!

The first project was to take a few pictures using some of the automatic settings. I had many photos in my archives that I had taken already, so I just pulled a couple of those and took them to class.

Edited// exp. and saturation.

My favorite coffee cup. Edited// saturation.

So these photos turned out pretty nice, but I still edited them a lot to get them looking the way I wanted. Anyway, the next assignment was working with the Av mode~ aperture value. We also worked on setting a custom white balance and exposure compensation. That helped to take care of the need to adjust saturation and exp. which made a big difference. 

SOOC shot // Strait Out of Camera.

My little friend Becca :D Edited// exp. and saturation.

The next class project was getting some use out of the Tv mode~ Time Value. This is a fun setting to work with, because you can create so many awesome shots. Essentially, the mode allows you to choose a fast/slow shutter speed, so you can get really neat photos like this:

SOOC shot. 1/25 (which is pretty slow, but I compensated with using the flash.)

SOOC shot. 1/25 (with flash.)

SOOC shot. This is one of my very favorites!
We also worked on Focus Points. It's very important to know how to use focus points, because that will change the whole look and feel of your photo!

SOOC shot. I love the perspective of this photo, and the texture of the bark.

SOOC shot. The whole focus of this picture is different than the top. Points of Focus!!

So the second set of classes I attended, Intermediate to Advanced Photography, was very informative as well. Though it seemed that I already knew a lot of what the teacher was saying~ which was a bonus for me. :) This workshop wasn't so much about the different settings on a DSLR as it was about lighting, special effects, the composition of a good portrait, and a quick run through about how to use Photoshop and GIMP. We also went over what equipment is needful/useful.  I did learn quite a lot, and I'm glad I decided to go ahead and take these classes too. He didn't actually have us do much as far as taking pictures and bringing them to show the class. But I know now what equipment I need, and I'm going to start building up my skills and such. Very exciting, if you ask me!

Hope you enjoyed this!
~Dani Marie


Joy said...

This looks like a great course! The pictures are beautiful, I especially love the one with the water splashing on the spoon, so professional!!

Nela said...

Very interesting! :) Love your pics! Thanks for posting this by the way. It was very helpful. ;)

Oriana said...

These are great! I need to experiment with the Tv mode-you got some great pictures with it!(:

Molly said...

Your pictures are so good!


Dani Marie said...

Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments! They make my day every time! <3