Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ireland, That Beautiful Isle

Ireland. That gorgeous emerald isle, where heather grows on the moors, the skies are gray, and history has been preserved in the quaint villages and cottages.

   Of all places in the world, I love Ireland. What's there not to like? The country is beautiful, the history amazing, and the culture is fascinating. Someday, I'm going to visit Ireland.
  I have always loved most everything Irish~ perhaps because I am Irish. My own great grandfather was born in Ireland. I can't help but think how I like being Irish.:)
  Some of my favorite aspects of their culture is, for one, the music. The music of Ireland is, in my opinion, some of the most haunting and beautiful! The most common/popular instruments used in Irish music are the fiddle, bodhran, various flutes, and the bagpipes.

DĂșlaman by Celtic Woman on Grooveshark

The Reel by Secret Garden on Grooveshark

Glasgow Reel by Calley McGrane And The Exiles on Grooveshark

I also love to hear Gaelic spoken~ it's one of the most beautiful  sounding languages. I would love to learn to speak it someday, but it's a complicated task. :)


So who was 'St. Patrick'? Contrary to common thought, he was not Irish. He was actually stolen from his native land of Britain, and made to be a slave in Ireland  as a young man. After 7 or so years of slavery, he escaped Ireland, and sailed his way back home. Long story short, he ended up going back to Ireland as a Christian Missionary, (not Catholic), living the rest of his life there spreading the gospel. God's hand was surly upon him, and he did many great things for God. We were just listening to a radio drama of his story, and it's really remarkable! The drama will be available for listening for a week or two, so I'm including the links here. I think it's important to know who St. Patrick really was, and why that day is celebrated every year.

St. Patrick: A Heart Afire Pt. 1 of 2

St. Patrick: A Heart Afire Pt. 2

What do you love about Ireland?


Molly said...

I am Irish too!


Flame of Jah said...

Well, well, I am 1/4 Irish. I think that Ireland is a very pretty place. Would love to visit it someday