Monday, January 2, 2012

These Happy Golden Days

(This post is a whole day late; but better late than never right?)

I remember thinking ahead to all those far away years~ 2010, 2012. I couldn't imagine what it would be like and how my life would change. And yet, here we are already and I can't believe it!!! Looking back through the years, I can see all of the many times God rained down His blessings on me and my family~ of how His hand of protection was on us, and how much closer I've grown to Him. Yes, and even the hard times of trial, when all seemed dim and discouraging~ God was still with us and for us. But for now, the sun hangs high and shines bright in the crystal blue sky of my life. All is good....and there's a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air~ for this coming year.

my blessings in 2011 

All in all, my biggest blessings have been that I have and cherish my family, and that God has taken such good care of us, even granting us some of our wants along with our needs. One of my growing desires was to have a nice camera with which to start my journey in photography, and I was so blessed to receive one for my birthday. I already have a few photo shoots lined up for this spring, which I am really looking forward to. So, my camera~ definitely a want, but God was so gracious to give me one!
Another thing I count a blessing was my opportunity to spend the summer at Peniel Ranch. I grew in knowledge of many things, and generally had an excellent time! So wonderful a time in fact, that with the Lords' help, I will be spending next summer there also. *sighz happily*
One of my favorite highlights of the year is that I am building wonderful relationships with my little friends (brothers and sisters), while I impart to them the knowledge of writing. That has been one of my greatest joys!
And some random little blessings from '11:
My new sugar scrubs
Lotion and body mist that smells heavenly :D
My laptop
All the scrumptious new cloths I've been blessed with
Good books
Yankee candles
The new scarves that I got for Christmas (oh I love scarves!)
This blog! (which I started in April)
And our new Keurig one cup coffee maker. *very snazzy*
my aspirations for 2012

 I'm not making any new year resolutions~ period. (it never works lol) But I do have a few goals that I'll be consistently working towards and will hopefully accomplish! I want to~
Become a better photographer~ I do know that this will happen :D
Master 'Beau Soir' (Beautiful Evening) on the violin~ kind of a complicated piece as far as the intonation.
Redecorate and repaint my bedroom, and do more interior decor around the house
Make some significant progress in art projects that I have pending
Buy my own car (eeeehh, I don't know about that one....)
Grow my very own herb garden, and preserve the herbs for later use
Keep up on my study of midwifery
Drink lots of coffee (Hahaha, that won't be hard!)
Post a lot here, especially through the summer
Throw a big party for my 20th birthday (Maybe ya'll would like to plan a surprise party~ *hintz*)
Gain at least 50 followers! (Now that would be amazing!!!)
And most of all, spend tons of time with my family and friends, growing closer to God all the time!

So, these are my thoughts for the New Year. What are yours?


Preacher K said...

Oh how precious it is to see you grow into a lovely young lady! You think the time has passed quickly...well, let me tell you...I remember bringing you home from the hospital. Lol :)

I would like to spend time chatting with you over a few cups of good coffee! I do so enjoy our chats, dear, and you do so much to lift my spirits and bring a smile to my face! This home is not the same without you around here.

Besides that, I need your decorator's eye to help me whip this place in shape. I am so thankful for your input and labor of love in lending a hand to accomplish the work.

May the Lord bless you and guide you as you discover each new day this year...and may He warm you heart in new ways as you draw ever closer to Him!

I Love you very much! MOM

Raquel said...

This post was absolutely charming, Danielle. And your Mom's response was just as beautiful, too!

I loved how you wrote blessings in 2011 first, and then made your goals for 2012. (haha, I never write resolutions, either. Here's my list, if you want to read:

I know that you can accomplish every one of your aspirations, for with the Lord NOTHING is impossible. I can't wait to see what the Lord will do with you (and me, too, for that matter!) this year. He's making something beautiful out of your life. :)

Can't wait for your next post! You and your Mom's blogs definitely help keep me grounded when I'm drowning in Texas. I owe you a "Thank you!"


Jordanna said...

Hello Dani,
Sounds like we've got some similarities :) I'm trying to figure out what to do for upcoming 20th as well, planning to revamp my room, aspiring to learn graphic design so I can work for my cousin, post a lot, and gain a following (which, incidentally, quadrupled in a month, partly with your help).
Remember when 2010 seemed like the biggest deal?! 18! Graduation! And it came, and it was great, but really, not much changed :)
Blessing to you this beautiful New Year!

Dani Marie said...

@ Mom~ Thank you so much for your too-sweet comment!!! I would love to have some delicious chats with you over spiced coffee~ that = pure delight! <3 I love you so much!!!

@ Raquel~ Aw, I always enjoy your comments too Raquel!! They're so fun to read:)
I'm excited to see what God will do in our lives too! Oh the excitement!!
Haha, I'm so glad my blog keeps you from drowning! And I'm glad you enjoy it!!! <3 Love you sweet friend!

@ Jordanna (what a pretty name!! :))~ Yeah, the big 2-0!!! We should plan something really fun for our birthdays~ When's yours?
I so totally am going to revamp my room. I was thinking a beach-y, shabby chic type theme! Do you have any thoughts about how you'll do your room? We should share our ideas!:)
Yup, I remember when I was wanting so bad for the time to fly fast so I could turn 18 and graduate! And it came and went, and it's all over now. That was exciting! Hahahaha... Yeah, not much has changed! :)
You have a blessed New Year too sweetie! Thank you all so much for commenting~ It means a lot to me:)

Jordanna said...

Thank you :)
March 19, when's yours? I just can't come up with anything amazing. I'm trying, though ;)
I am going to go feminine western - flowers and horses, lilac and cocoa. I love interior design and I have a bazillion ideas that I need to sort out. What colors are thinking?
You have such a pretty blog!