Monday, January 23, 2012

A Happy Birthday

 Rebecca & Jonah

Yesterday was my little brother Jonah's 13th birthday~ I can hardly believe 
he's a teen time flies! So we went over to my grandparents' house
for a nice dinner and visit. Over all we had a lovely evening~ 
Chatting, eating good food, and enjoying grandmas' wonderful coffee!

These are burgers like none else: in a plastic bag with some raw hamberger
you add any toppings you like~ chopped pickles, bacon bits, cheese, sliced 
sausage, steak seasoning~ anything. Then fry it all up and enjoy! It's my new 
favorite food~ I'm glad Jonah chose this as his birthday dinner!

And the root beer of course~ I could have skipped the diet part though!

Jonah and his castle cake~ which was the theme.

LeAnna~ I simply cannot resist her! She's so adorable and photogenic. Whenever
I get my camera out she's right there saying "Take a picture of me!"

The ice cream cake was scrumptious!

Grandpa put a nice log on to burn while we visited~

Talking guns with Grandpa~ 
(sorry for the poor image quality)

~My favorite coffee in one of my favorite mugs~
(what would we all do without coffee???)

And while everyone visited in the living room, I had a little photo shoot with Susanna and LeAnna~

So we had a wonderful evening. Happy Birthday to my dear brother Jonah!!!!        


Sarah said...

I just heard the music you have on your blog-it's beautiful! I must admit, I do love blogs with quiet music on them.

Raquel said...

Happy birthday, Jonah!! :D


Oriana said...

glad your brother had a great birthday!
those two little girls are precious.(:

Raquel said...

Cool new background, by the way. :)

If you wanted to get the white background near the header taken away, then you can modify it through your design master. (Click the "Template" tab on your dashboard, then click the orange button that says "Customize." On the "Advanced" control option, select the "backgrounds" option in the scrollbox, and then set everything to transparent (there are 3 different ones).

I don't know if you want to do that, but you can if you're interested!! :D