Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Wisdom Search

For this week, I was going to post that sermon I promised for you all to read, but then I thought better of it, thinking that it might prove to be a bit long and tedious. So, instead, I'll post the link to the sermon so that you can listen to it. I highly encourage and challenge you all to take just 40 min. of your time and dedicate it to listening to this, and allowing God to speak to you through it. I'm assuring you that it will give plenty of food for thought! Not only that, when you're in the service of the Great King, it's our honor and joy to spend time thinking of God and pondering His word~ So, I hope you all will find this very encouraging and uplifting, as I did! Blessings!

(This link will take you right to the player)

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