Monday, October 10, 2011

Saturday Wisdom Search

I know~ this post is late by a few days. Better late than never though, I guess!
I finally decided that for this week, I'd post a video about the true grace of God~ and how it is abused by the mainstream church. My personal opinion is that it is a must see; as well as this other video that I had wanted to post. Next week, I think I'll share a video about repentance by Jesse Morrell. And Flame, I truly am sorry that you can't view youtube videos. I wish I could find these sermons in type so I could actually post them in words. But these videos are worth the seeing~ *food for thought.*

 The true grace of God~

Wake up church~

Share your thoughts!


Flame of Jah said...

May you please send links to the videos to me, if it isn't too much trouble. Thanks. BTW, did Jess get my PM on the Flight Deck? I sent her a PM for her Birthday, just wondering if she got it.

Dani Marie said...

Yes gladly I can send you the links...and Jess did get your PM. She sends her thanks!