Monday, October 10, 2011

{hello monday}

This is a new series I'm starting called 'hello monday.' One of my blogger friends linked up with one of her blogger friends, and all the credit goes to Lisa.

{hello loud alarm clock; too early for my liking}

{hello wonderful breakfast}

{hello family bible time, learning about Solomon's temple}

{hello spending time with baby}

{hello welcoming warm shower}

{hello lunch time}

{hello cup of wonderful spicy sweet coffee, perfect for this rainy wet day}

{hello my new fragrant Yankee candle~ I love you!}

{hello chatting with mom}

 {hello garden and the sweet smell of rain~ fall is one of my favorite seasons}

 {hello daddy, home from work and tired~ we missed you today!}

{hello helping my dear sis make dinner}

{hello hamburgers and fried potatoes!}

{hello family time and blog. Sitting around the living room and just enjoying each other is the way it should be}

{hello sweet bedtime and rest!}

If you want to participate in {Hello Monday} too, then please give credit to Lisa in your post. She is the first one to start this weekly blog series.


Flame of Jah said...

Ok,I might do this, but, I am curious, what is the purpose? I am afraid I missed it.

Dani Marie said...

Well, mainly to tell in short how my day went. And it's fun too, so I guess that counts!