Wednesday, November 16, 2011

25 Random Things About Me

Isn't this beautiful???? *sigh* Summertime....

This was so amusing and enjoyable to write! I thought you all would appreciate it, so I decided to share it here on my blog. :) More yummy posts coming this week and next...

25 Random Things About Me

Except for the first one, these aren't in any particular order.

1) To start things off, God and the reading of His word daily is the most important thing to me. Without Him, I would be a wreck! All praise and glory to Him!
2) My middle name is Marie.
3) I love to play my violin in the styles of country/bluegrass, Irish, and classical.
4) I love to sing~ especially singing alto harmony although I'm soprano. Just the glorious way voices blend.....
5) I'm the eldest of 10 children
6) I love fashion~ my style of fashion that is. After all, fashion is what you think it is! And it's not  skinny jeans lol.... one of my dear friends calls them 'pencil pants' ROFL!
7) I'm an avid photographer~ and *hopefully* will be getting a new camera for my soon coming birthday! 
8) I'm in love with coffee and all those wonderful Autumn/Winter creamers they have out around this time of year. Just smelling it is enough of a treat! And I can't forget to mention chocolate...luff chocolate!
9) Shabby Chick with the theme of antique die-cut flowers, birds, and bird cages is one of my favorite styles of art. (as evidenced by the whole look and feel of my blog:)
10) Hats are not my 'thing' unless I find one that's just the right look....sometimes I wear the hood on my jacket.
11) I'm a calligrapher, and my joy & pleasure is in illuminating inspiring words.
12) I wear a knife in my pocket almost constantly (sometimes two lol), even if I'm just around the house. It has come in handy more times than I can count.
13) I love botany and herbs~ oh yeah, I'm an herb girl....
14) I love to ride horseback at break-neck speed through fields of waving grass in the warm sun. There's just something epic about it!
15) Writing, and reading many books are a few of my 'fortes'. And I love old antique book covers~ some are so ornate!
16) My favorite brand of candles is 'Yankee Candles'....I love candles.
17) Soap making is one of my favorite hobbies.
18) I enjoy music! But not just any has to be a certain style. Anything fiddle, Classical music, Hymns and *some* movie scores.  AND anything Celtic or Irish.:)
19) My favorite mediums to work with in my art are acrylics, inks, dyes, chalk, watercolors and different shades of drawing pencils.
20) I love and enjoy little people! They're all my favorite! I relish the time I spend with the littles around me~ teaching, training, and building relationships.
21) I've learned to play a few chords on the guitar, and hope to learn much more.
22) Autumn and Summer are my favorite seasons~ loving Nature as I do.
23) I've seen 20 winters (Yay!)
24) Strange as it may seem, I like house cleaning~ I think it's the reality that I'm making the world better and more enjoyable for my family and those around me. Plus, everything sparkles in my cleaning wake~ it gives me a certain underlying peace of mind to know that even the places you don't see as you walk by (like the inside of drawers and under cabinets) are clean, organized, and free of dust. It's not always just so, but I like things to be uncluttered and spotless....
25) I very much like to fold just-from-the-dryer sweet clean laundry! (what a note to end on lol)

lol, So what do you think of me now:)????   

And for an extra little randomness, I truly hope our beautiful world looks just like this when it stops snowing...

Is it snowing where you are?


Preacher K said...

My sweet forgot to mention one little yummy tid love to eat everything with ketchup or BBQ sauce...I love you, MOM!

Dani Marie said...

Lol, I did forget! Mmmmm, there's nothing like a toasted tuna sandwich with ketchup on it dipped in bbq sauce. Hahahah, I know I'm weird, but you should try it sometime! :)

Raquel said...

:) Nothing wrong with ketchup and BBQ sauce. haha :)

I was going to ask, though... You're 20??!! I thought you were 18, and your birthday is in December, so you'll be 19 then.... Wait. Now it doesn't make sense for you to be 18 because you graduated one year before me. So you must be 19 now... and turning 20 in December, right? hahaha-- Help me, please!

Loved reading about you! Awesome.

Dani Marie said...

I graduated a little sooner than most I guess~ I was 17. Jess graduated with my though and she was 15, so I didn't really feel that I was graduating young or anything. :)

Dani Marie said...

lol, Well I was born at the first beginning of winter, so about a month or so after my first birthday, I'd seen 2 winter seasons. I haven't really seen all of 2011-2012 winter yet though, just the beginning. :) A better way to say it is that this is the 20th winter season I've seen. ;)

Raquel said...

Ahhh! So I see! :) Then I've seen 20 winter seasons, too! (Because I was born in January.) haha, Thanks. I was so confused there for a second.

Kim said...

The cleaning thing must be a special gift from God to the first-born (and her Mother lol) because Anna is the same way!

Love you!

Dani Marie said...

@ Kim~ I HAVE to agree! lol, My mom and I (sadly) are the only ones in our house that are like this. I'll make a wonderful queen of my own household someday though! And that's what I look forward to....!:)