Friday, September 14, 2012

What it's like to make costumes for a movie...


60 ft. bridge we crossed in Montana, I think. No railings or anything. Just bridge. It felt like we 
were flying lol. :S

My time here in MI, only a week now, has been crazyawesomeandgreat. I've met so many new faces and stayed up sewing so late into the night. Our main staples are ice cream and peanut butter lol. And the train ride over was something else! I don't think I've ever seen so many beautiful and scenic places all at once!

As far as particulars, I can't give much of an explanation  of what I've been doing. It's called a 'media blackout'. Y'all will just have to wait to see the awesomeness we're whipping up. I must say though, that we keep each other going by telling stories and jokes and teasing. :)

~Danielle (more to come later.):)


Jonah Mike said...

That is so cool big sis!!!

Love Jonah

Kristenea said...

Oh My! I LOVE that top picture...but the train bridge...makes me nervous just looking at the picture. :)

So glad you are having the time of your life there...sewing and other things...some very secret things.

Can't wait to see it in the movie!

Much love to you, Dear!

Sharp Family News said...

okay, it's been TWO weeks...update?! ;) Love to hear about the latest adventure! Mrs. Sharp

Rachel (Cynthia) Heffington said...

So beautiful, Dani! Loving movie-costumes as I do, I can't wait to see what you have done!