Monday, February 13, 2012

Ramblings // Another Wonderful Photo Challenge

How have the days gone for you? I certainly have no shortage of things to do, and things to be done! I've been excelling in those photography workshops I'm taking, and having way to much fun planning small photo shoots as part of my class projects. I'm so thankful to God for not only giving me a wonderful camera (a much loved dream of mine), but also the opportunity to learn to use it! All glory to His name......!!

Today I hope to do some cleaning in my room, give a writing lesson, have another photography session with my sisters, and start working on the living room. Walls need patching, floors need mopping, and all of it needs to be repainted. :) And I can't wait to read further in 'The Swiss Courier'. I'm quite fond of WWII Christian historical fiction!

Photography Challenge~
Lucia is hosting another super-fun photo challenge this month, and as always, I love linking up. Because February is the 'Love Month', the theme is 'Black and White Love'. The challenge is to capture love~ a mother and daughter hugging, two friends walking down a road hand in hand, etc. I wanted a photo that was unique, so after thinking about it for some time, this is what I came up with:

We had such fun! I absolutely love the way this one turned out! Head on over to Lucia, etc. to view the other link ups, and please join in the fun!!!

lucia, etc.

I Love Black and White~
Shooting in black and white is very fun! I can't say I like it more than shooting in color, but it comes pretty close!! I <3 b&w! Here's a few more photos I took that I adore~

Beautiful Sue~
Beautiful Jenna~ 
I decided to throw this one in too :)

Have a beautiful day lovelies! 


Molly said...

Those are great photos! I love them!


Oriana said...

These are precious! :D


Nela said...

These are really cute photos! :) Awesome job taking them!

Sarah said...

Those two little girls are so beautiful! Your photos capture them so well.

Kati said...

How sweet! The sisterly love is showing through in these pictures. <3

Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. :)

Lucia said...

Oh, I love these, dear! Ooh, and I've always wanted to try that idea with the braids--I have seen that on Pinterest! You did such a great job capturing it!


Madeline said...

Those are so cute! And the braids idea is really sweet! :)

Marie Danielle said...

Beautiful entry! :-)

Marie Danielle said...

PS I love the music on your blog! So pretty!

Sadie said...

Adorable little faces! Children are such a blessing from the Lord. Yes, these are definitely Love! :)

In Christ Jesus,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo, Danielle. Good luck with the contest.

hannah said...

I love the first one!

Joy said...

I love those photos, they are so beautiful and the moments wonderfully captured. The expressions of your siblings are so sweet!

In His love,
~Joy @