Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are We Ready?

Take Corrie Ten Boom for example- imagine you were suddenly thrust into a situation like her's. In a concentration camp, under the power of cruel masters, starving and lonely- with many hungry souls surrounding on all sides looking for hope and something solid to cling to. Would you be ready, if that happened to you today, to minister to those poor souls- ready with a word of hope, salvation, and peace in troubled times- derived from the word of God hidden deep in your heart? Or what about Gladys Aylward, fleeing China with a hundred precious children? Would we be ready to face such things? But how can we truly and fully prepare for such horrible circumstances? It's very shocking to be taken from a 'normal' life and thrust into such surroundings. Honestly, I don't know if you could be fully prepared. But I do know and believe this: that we should be preparing for these possibilities by memorizing the word of God- hiding it in in our hearts deep and solid; for that no man can take from us. We need to know that we know God, intimately. For He is the only thing that will get us through the hard times. You know, Christians here in America have it pretty easy- for the most part we live normal lives, have jobs, nice homes, cars, etc. Not so today in countries like China, Korea, Russia, and Iraq to name a few. Christianity is not taken lightly there. Basically, if you're a Christian, you're a dead man/woman. They live in secret, meet in secret, and avoid public for fear of their lives. But God is working in those countries, and here in America. Which brings me to my point- persecution of the true Christian faith is coming to America soon. It's a fact. The Bible tells us this will happen, and we're seeing more evidence of it as time goes on.  Are we ready to stand firm in our faith, even unto death? Would we make it if we were thrown into a concentration camp today, or would we regret that we hadn't prayed more, memorized more of God's word, grown closer to God? Many Christians in the world today face this possibility every day. I think about this often, and pray that God would be near and help me to be ready. With His help and grace, I shall be, to the utmost best of my ability. I believe God is calling us to prepare- for who will be His light in the darkest of times? So, are YOU going to be ready? Just my thoughts...


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Flame of Jah said...

I'm with ya, you said it well. Are we ready?